What we can do for you

From managing documents and processes to sharing digital assets, our cleverly designed business management systems software makes running a business or department more efficient, more cost effective and more straightforward. We solve problems our clients didn’t even know they had and give them the tools to work better. Our smart solutions save you time on the ordinary tasks, so you can get on with making your business extraordinary.

At Target, we know the working world can be simpler. Our clients know that too. We create software solutions that make work easier and empower our clients to be very best that they can be.

We are a software company – a collection of imagineers, technical wizards and problem solvers. We take our clients’ trickiest business challenges and create technological solutions that transform the way they work.

Project management

We are experts at translating your existing manual processes/data into web based software that improves efficiency, saves money and makes you look good. Using our PRINCE2 Project Management Skills and strictly following our ISO.

Data Processing

We are experts with data, data aggregation, data migration. Whether it’s writing complex data parsing tools or manually migrating data; we have the skills and experience to get your data right and clean

When being overwhelmed with data is no longer an option

Our clients work with us because the sheer volume of information has become overwhelming and they realise that hand-cranking reports in Excel means things are getting missed.

Target brings in data automation, alerts with escalation and automated work plans, home page digital dashboards and the information you need to know right now.

Don’t let your information get the better of you, automate.

When control and compliance has become business critical

Things get missed, it’s a fact of life and too much information to manage means you can’t see the wood for the trees.

If something gets missed you lose valuable time putting things right, things that wouldn’t need doing if you had control of your data.

Don’t let your information get the better of you, automate.

When the need for savings hits the top of your agenda

Data automation, alerts and escalations mean tighter control of your data. This delivers time to you and your team which can be invested in negotiation increased value from the contract or reductions in costs.

Moving from clunky, hand-cranked reporting in Excel to a system that truly drives your activities and tells you what needs doing next delivers significant improvements in productivity.

Don’t let your information get the better of you, automate.

When your time is more valuable than the time you are wasting

Moving from manual information management to a system that drives your activities and tasks, whatever the need in whatever industry, will reduce data handling time. It will reduce the number of matters that get missed. It will improve your reporting and deliver one key business benefit; time.

Don’t let your information get the better of you, automate.