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3 Reasons to Move to Digital Asset Management Software

digital asset management software

It is a common practice to store your digital assets in a folder structure on your computer or a shared hard drive, but is this a long term solution for the management of your digital assets?

Your library of thousands of high resolution photo’s videos or documents can be easily and better managed by moving to a more organised digital asset management software system. Digital asset management software is the perfect solution for any business not only needing to host but share large quantities of digital assets easy.

Reason 1: Improve Organisation

You may think your folder structure is working, but that is only for you, what about the rest of your team? Digital asset management software will help you organise assets just as easy as your folder structure but better. You’ll improve how you manage images, video and documents, as the software will support all your digital assets and make your collection available and usable for everyone.

Reason 2: Share Assets Easy & Securely

With digital asset management software you don’t have to worry or stress about how to share your assets. A system will allow any user to have view and access to more valuable resources available to them, and the ability to upload and download anywhere, anytime through a more controlled digital asset hub. Digital asset management software not only stores assets but improves security around the sharing your collection; role-based security rules can be incorporated to only display the assets that are relevant for your members, clients, retailers or traders.

Reason 3: Gain Complete Control

Systems helping you manage your digital assets will create easy browsing and direct search results, so you never find yourself double clicking your way through numerous folders. Controlling how you manage and distribute is not the only great function of digital asset management software. The software inside the system can enable you to monitor all your important assets and find out exactly what and who downloaded your content.

Organise, Share, Control, Securely. Systems just make business simple.

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