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6 Systems You’ll Be Using In 2017

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6 Systems You’ll Be Using In 2017

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets – there’s a new database in town. Meet the six information management systems you need in your organisation for the New Year.

In 2016 you started storing documents electronically on shared drives; 2015 was the year of working towards a paperless office. So what technology trend will you be lapping up in 2017? In the absence of a crystal ball, we understand 2017 trends are leading towards the creation of more cloud based systems. “Businesses are going through massive growth spurts and some organisations are expanding to multiple and global offices. Collaboration through cloud based business management systems are no longer something to coy about,” says Target Information Systems, Managing Director Phil Atkinson. There is no denying the benefits of new and creative technology that is changing the way in how we work. Throughout history we see machines and new technology replace the hard and laborious jobs, and provide improved services that manually would take twice as long or that were not even possible to begin with. So let’s take a peek in to the future of the systems you’ll be using to handle your day to day tasks this year.

  1. Document Control

Did you find your paperless office last year? Well don’t wait any longer, now is the time to shift over that desk clutter made up of paper products in the form of stray printed documents, piled up folders and sticky notes and introduce some technology. Document Control Software will be the life saver to your business this year, creating a smooth and timely flow of information so valuable man hours are not wasted in the process. Did you know? It has been reported in a global survey that information workers waste 12.1% of their time per week dealing with challenges related to document creation and management. From training resources to health and safety documents, certificates and instruction manuals, document control software manages your documents in the most efficient way to provide you with a business knowledge bank.

  1. Contract Management

You’d be kidding yourself if you said you weren’t aware of the issues of managing your organisation’s contracts in a spreadsheet or even worse a system that can’t help you review, organise and manage the life cycle of those contracts. Well now is the time to get acquainted with an advanced business management system. A new wave of contract management systems is helping organisations create a more efficient and effective process around contracts management for 2017; with additional developments and functionality that powers businesses to gain the control and compliance they need to ensure a smooth-running business. “We needed a new way of automating the activities around much of the contracts, suppliers and reporting that was being created in our office. We could immediately see the benefits of the Accord contract management system and the opportunities it presented for improvements; the contract management system perfectly met our requirements and was great value for money,” says National University of Ireland, Galway, Head of Procurement & Contracts Ann Melia. Need contract and supplier control? Get a compliant contract information management system with exceptional visibility and detailed reporting.

  1. Digital Assets

Photos, videos, presentations, product information, POS… Ever find yourself clicking through endless files to find what you need? Or struggling to email files to other departments? Well kiss those headaches goodbye; Digital asset management software is where it’s at. DAM, for short, is not new on the market, but there has been a high demand for such software in the recent years because as businesses start to grow, their collection of digital assets becomes larger and most of the time, unmanageable. In 2017 DAM will become more than your go-to storage system but it will help your organisation gain control of your distribution methods. Digital asset management software is being used for brand control and instant shareability; creating workflows and streamlining business processes. Intelligent software provides Marketing and PR departments the controls to set permissions against asset distribution and gain more coverage by improving service with Press & Trade users. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (T2) use Echo Digital Asset Management Software for securely delivering computer games assets, POS and information to their Global Trade Marketing teams.

  1. Website Management

Sure, website management is nothing new, but the way you can communicate online is changing. Technology has revolutionised business and how customers and business interact with each other. We need to move away from single serviced websites and make a home for a collaborative environment on a central content management system (CMS). The Joint United Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee (JPAC) use Sprite CMS to build their website as they needed closer collaboration between Blood Centres across the whole of the UK. Sprite allows its users individual needs to be built into the system to simplify the collaboration process so all the blood services can access the site to keep it up to date. It’s easy to get caught up in the most popular providers but would it not be better to have a website that is built and tailored to how you want it to look, feel and work? 2017 is paving the way for content management systems with limitless online communication possibilities.

  1. Customer Know How

The customer is always right… Well you can be too. Yep, that’s right, a customer relationship management system will be your number one resource to stay on top of your game. To really understand your target market, your product and even your business, you need to know all about your potential customers. 2017 systems will help you face the challenge of the data management side of customer relationship building. A CRM system will become your central hub for all the information you need to know about your customer. “We ordered the Mercury Customer Relationship Management system to replace years of paper, spreadsheet and whiteboard methods; now the system is managing our cases, producing invoices for clients and monitoring our activities,” says RMR Legal Cost Lawyers, Director Angela McCombe Russell. CRM software can help organisations finally become that paperless office and manage relationships with prospects, customers or suppliers and make businesses sell more, see more and be more productive.

  1. The New & Improved

Been using the same heavy system all year but seeking new results? Creating a bespoke business management system could be the secret to doubling your productivity and strengthening your growth. If I haven’t touched upon some of business challenges you are facing already, then something custom is what you need. Make 2017 the year you use technology to transform the overwhelming to the simple – empower your business, your team and your customers with a tailored made, bespoke to business, information management and reporting system. The world leader in plastic pipe systems Wavin UK assigned software company Target to create a bespoke underfloor heating estimator and online quotation system, where customers and installers could simply enter the room details online and be taken through a step-by-step process to an instant and accurate quote.


We are entering a world demanding smart and modern business management systems which will accelerate productivity in the limited amount of time we all think we have. The innovation of cloud technology is not an excuse to not talk to each other directly anymore, but expand and enable better communication between countries and across oceans to share information and global productivity. The cloud is offering storage and access to multiple members in businesses to receive around the clock access to documents, updates and activities lists.