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A Countdown of your Business Nightmares

business management system

Halloween is creeping up on us this month so what a better time to slay your day to day business management nightmares…

When it comes to your business and important data you don’t want to be caught dead without a robust and intelligent information management and reporting database.

We’re going to be counting down to Halloween every Friday by sharing your worst business nightmares & how our technical wizards can help!

Business Nightmare #5 – Deathly Content

You move your business online but your CMS is not displaying your content the way you want it to. Now you’re stuck with a website that doesn’t represents your business’ purpose or brand.

The Magic Solution:

A content management system that lets you manage what you say and how you say it, will help you improve all online communications and provide you with limitless possibilities.

Using a system that is bespoke to your business is what our team of software development wizards believe is the only way to go when it comes to putting your business online. Businesses need to better control their online content and with a built for business content management system; content can be edited, populated and distributed the way you want to your audiences.

A website should work around you and transform your content to the way you want it to be seen. Not only can it be the magic spell to online communication success, a content management system with additional customer relationship and asset management functionality will enable full control of all your communication demands, so you are providing the most relevant content to your targeted mailing groups.

(Want to transform your content? Take a look at our CMS platform Sprite)


Business Nightmare #4 – Ghostly Document Control

You need important documentation right away. But it is years old, there has been several updates and you have no idea which storage cabinet to look in first or what the latest version looks like.

The nightmare busting solution:

Document control software will not only help you easily find the documents you need the most but, enhance compliance and save stacks of management time.

Using document control software will preserve all your documents in a secure online filing system, which will streamline your files so they are always up to date. Securely storing documents online creates instant security as well as the ability to have documents readily available for managers, staff and audit visits; flexible folder structure and document tagging functions will provide documents instantly in your search for urgent matters.

To ensure you have the latest copy and documents are kept up to date, our technical wizards conjured document control software to allow businesses to add, edit and build documents between individuals to create documents; to make projects like full operating manuals. Then they worked their magic and programmed alerts and notifications to notify users with update alerts to inform them about relevant documents and content changes, as well as expiry notifications and sign off procedures, so documents will never come back to haunt you.

(Want a better handle of your documents? Take a look at our DMS platform Athena)


Business Nightmare #3 – Chasing Multiple Spreadsheets

You have to maintain one spreadsheet per buyer and you end up with tens or hundreds of individual spreadsheets that you have to maintain manually.

The life saving solution:

An automated and central data and contracts management system will allow you and your team to work in real time and collaborate together. A central system allows multiple user access and keeps data together to save time from manual collecting and inputting.

Using central and cloud-based business management systems to handle data allows access to unlimited amounts of information. The technical wizards behind our contract management systems have made your business intelligence become richer and faster to access; having remote, off-premises access to information in fact lowers the cost of doing business in every part of the department process and automates every aspect of the buyer-seller relationship

A system that can manage the relevant and required information within a central repository for the team grants an electronic trail on all contract activities – from proposal and negotiation, through analysis, approval and execution, to management and renewal, so you never miss a turn in your contracts lifecycle.

(Want to drive out spreadsheets and better manage contracts? Take a look at our Contracts Management System, Accord.)


Business nightmare #2 – Unclear & Overwhelming

Data is everywhere and your team feel lost in tasks because of lost documents and unclear data entries. Business has become overwhelming and you lack control and compliance.

The transparent & friendly solution:

A business management system is the software solution that will analyse your data and implement process change to deliver more valuable and controllable workflows into your business so you can get the most from your data and your employees.

When being overwhelmed with data is no longer an option, a business management system will help open up closed information giving you the transparency to your organisation and enable you to make smarter business decisions and make significant savings to the business in terms of both time and money.

If your business lacks control and compliance you ten to miss important information, deadlines and opportunities. When there is too much information to manage and something gets missed you lose valuable time trying to put things right. A business management systems that help store, manage and automate your data with alerts and escalations will clearer and tighter control of your business data.

(What control and compliance in your business? Take a look at our Portfolio to see the bespoke services we have delivered.)


Business nightmare #1 – Lost Call of Business

Your internal and external departments are no longer communicating and working together, and business processes are not established enough to keep work efficient, cost-effective and compliant.

The shining solution:

A data management system is your life line and smart solution to save time on ordinary tasks so you and your departments can get on with making your business the best it can be. Communication and collaboration is enhanced with a system solution and will empower employees to drive activities and tasks to deliver significant improvements in productivity.

Centralising and efficiently managing important business data between departments with a data management system will enable you to translate existing manual processes or create and establish more efficient and cost effective ways of dealing with your business.

A data management system will provide the control and compliance businesses desire by bringing data automation, alerts with escalations and automated work plans right on homepage digital dashboard to automatically present the information you need to know and so you never miss a call of business again.

(Want to answer your data needs? Take a look at our Data Management System, Mercury.)