The news that NHS England is reforming their IT systems to improve the next five year efficiency costs and data management remind us that some NHS trusts are still being stalled; use of spreadsheets or unreliable systems are still not meeting the full requirements of the organisation.

Throughout our years of business we have met various members of the NHS; we are informed of the processes and key systems that are currently being used to support the running of procurement for their Trust.

We find the current processes used have a lack stability and security for the future of purchasing and supply within the Trust. External audit reports also provide evidence that there is a need for change to improve overall contract data management.

As a software company we understand data is key to business and having a centralised system within the business that meets all the requirements is hard to find. We develop our very own contract management systems to each organisation’s needs therefore nothing gets missed in the process.

The platform for our contract management systems was collaboratively built with Salisbury NHS Trust. The relationship provided us the opportunity to understand the outstanding NHS budget constraints and requirements needed within the NHS sector. We have created an affordable system and delivered significant savings per year through reduced costs. (Find out more about Accord.)

We have proven to provide continuous support and solutions to our NHS clients and various other clients over a number of years; building and accelerating efficient and effective systems that are now paramount to their procurement, facilities and operations process.

Adopting a computerised information and business management system evidently is a process to consider for the future of business efficiency and reducing unnecessary spending, as well as saving money to put towards heath care funds.

Posted by Olivia Davies