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Accelerating Productivity with Flexible Innovation

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“It’s increasingly necessary to have a tool that can track, manage and coordinate tasks across an entire organisation; provide visibility into the business; and foster collaboration and innovation.”

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The article explains that business which are looking for successful continuous growth should be finding a way to connect people, processes and technologies. Exploring the market of workflow management systems, the article highlights what to look for in a business management system and the possible challenges a business could face when trying to find and implement such a system.

Workflow and business management systems are brought into organisations to provide visibility into the business and help employees be more effective by allowing tasks to be delegated, grouped and recorded across different teams. From digital assets to important customer data, business management systems are helping to efficiently collate and store data while creating a structure that will help with mundane everyday tasks and tackle data management and document control challenges.

Growing organisations are always looking for improved ways of productivity and workflow, so an implementation for a workflow management system would mean a need for overall visibility of business, to understand at a glance what is working and if there are any recurring issues. Workflow and business management systems are proving to be the necessary tool that has the functionality to track, manage and coordinate tasks across entire organisations to provide critical insights into business loss and growth so it can be easily seen and acted upon. With systems in a place, businesses can pinpoint and establish improved operational methods and levels customer service; management systems are ensuring each tasks are progressing correctly and on time.

In a fast moving economy, advanced business management systems now have the capability to send updates and notifications on task progress and assignments via email or through the system to the appropriate departments or a member of staff, maximising efficiency and internal and external collaboration.

“A system that is not flexible does not account for the inevitable fluctuations of every company’s staff and processes, which is unrealistic and will hurt the speed in which products and services get to the customer”

The key point to be taken from this article is the pull quote above. Yes, business management systems will establish and improve better workflows within the organisation to make that step forward in accelerating continuous business growth however, with that growth your system also needs to grow with the changes and demands of the unpredictable. When looking for a system to implement across the entire organisation the key questions is whether it is flexible. Business don’t want to outgrow a systems functionality in a year’s time and be throwing more time and money into looking for a new one.

As described in the article, systems on the market should be made flexible enough to be able to adapt and integrate with additional workflow processes and changes in business operations. Avoiding one-trick ponies; systems with diverse functions will ensure a business stays in control and maintains a high level of productivity.

The right business management system can do wonders for a company.

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