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Always Find The Digital Assets You Love

Much of us get lost in the new and improved and we forget about the old; especially those who work in the Marketing and PR department.

Marketing is a fast and furious world, and with a library of thousands of digital assets we forget about our previous work that we once loved; now we feel our hard work is lost in a sea of folders upon folders.

Folders for digital assets are generally used as dumping grounds so files are not clogging up our own desktop. With no management process in place to ensure your assets are organised and easy to find, you end up going down a bumpy road… You have this awesome content, but if no one else can find it and then you can’t find it, how can you see it?

Digital Asset Management Software can be your answer to seeing your assets again.

DAM platforms have become an in-demand service for large organisations and has replaced basic cloud and local server storage. Digital asset management software is enabling businesses to stay on top of all their intellectual property and information associated with each file.

How are you currently managing your digital assets? Are you trying to see your digital assets again?


How are Target bringing innovation to the world of DAM systems?

Not only is our digital asset management software helping with the storage of files, but it is putting our clients in control of their distribution process. Digital asset management is creating workflows and streamlining business processes; our intelligent software provides Marketing and PR departments the control to set permissions against asset distribution and gain more coverage by improving service with Press and Trade users.

See what our clients have to say OR Take a look at our Digital Asset Management Software: Echo to find out more!

Posted by Olivia Davies