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Athena: Saving Stacks of Management Time

document control software

Who? Athena

What? Athena is document control software, handling your document management process.

Where? The Athena document control software is be used by everyone in your organisation to manage training documents, manuals and HR information.

When? Document control software is used when a business needs or wants to store and share thousands of documents within their organisation. The software is to be an alternative to the storage of paper files and an improvement to document processes, while creating a business knowledge bank.

Why? The Athena document control software was created to help businesses organise, store, share and control accessibility of important business documents within the organisation. Document management systems is a solution to have a paper-less business, but to also help manage and preserve all documents in a secure online filling system.

How? Athena’s document control software provides a business with a ‘knowledge bank’ – a place where managers and staff can easily upload, store, and access the most up to date information when they need it. Being an online document management system, the documents can be accessed securely by anyone in the business with a personal login; the systems control software allows specific version control and improves how you keep your team updated by providing:

  • Compilation and merging where individuals can add, edit and build documents to create full operating documents.
  • Update alerts to notify your team of relevant documents and content changes.
  • Expiry notifications to alert of out of date procedures or documentations.
  • Change request and sign off permissions to call to action official approvals.

From training resources to health and safety documents, certificates to instruction manuals; document control software enables you to secure them and make them readily available with the most up to date information.

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