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Big Data Doesn’t Take Holidays

data management system

We had Bank Holiday Monday in the UK this week so we are starting our working week on a Tuesday, but a lot can happen in a day, especially in the world of data.

A lack of data management can quickly turn a data lake into data swamp. Uncontrollable data can become more and more complicated to organise and finding valuable business data can be impossible if not taken care of properly.

In the drive of collecting large data sets for increased sales and marketing campaign reach, organisations continue to excuse messy methods as a problem that will be tackled ‘tomorrow’ and will capture and dump data into unmanageable spreadsheets or never-ending folders. The investment to implement a data management system that has the capabilities to manage data efficiently and effectively as well as provide valuable reports and insights eventually becomes a point on an agenda that is then highlighted on an audit which needs addressing.

Organisations not acting on underlying problems can be costing millions in lost opportunities because of:

  • Lack of insight into customer habits and preferences
  • Poor conversion rates
  • Lack of sale and marketing communication to drive upsell and cross sell
  • Poor customer experiences

Implementing a data management system to clean up your data swamp will help you save those lost opportunities as well as save production time by reducing man hours spent trying to find and manage data.

A data management system is a business’s answer to replacing aged and over used spreadsheet templates and finally have some data automation in place to manage customer data and staff workflows for increased conversion rates.

Target’s specialist software is providing business management systems globally to companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and Pret A Manger since 2010. The software company is providing businesses with the tools to be more efficient, effective and lean by developing creative solutions for the data management challenges businesses face.

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