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How a Business Management System can help your company with GDPR

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New General Data Protection Regulations which go live in May 2018 will be impacting how you manage your databases. Now is the time to ensure your systems and processes will remain compliant with upcoming regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is both a game changer and an opportunity for businesses to finally push an efficient business management system to the top of the company agenda.

Under the new legislation, technical and organisation measure must be taken to minimise the processing of personal data. This means from the very start of trying to gain control of data, data protection needs to be engrained in all aspects of the system and process.

What your company must do and how we can help:

  • Communication

To protect the right of people that give you their data, your organisation needs to communicate with plain language; who you are, why you are using your data, how long it will be stored for and who receives it.

Target can enable you to ensure all the criteria can be easily communicated with your database, through automated emails, that answer all the criteria – by making it part of your systems process when you add a new contact.

  • Consent

Organisations need to ensure they are gaining clear consent to process the data.

As part of your business management systems process Target can enable you to have check boxes to ensure the consent data is collected, recorded and stored in a secure platform.

  • Access and Safeguarding Sensitive Data

GDPR is ensuring people have protection on their data. Companies must let people access their own data and have the option to give it to another company.

Target enables organisations to build data protection safeguards in your business management system from the earliest stages of development. Every system ensures there is secure data protection on sensitive databases by providing a login access platform and providing the tools, such as defined user permission to govern and control.

  • Warnings

It is important for companies to inform people of data breaches and if there is a serious risk to them.

Target understand that it’s important you don’t miss a thing when it comes to your data. With a business management system, you can incorporate alerts and escalations to notify your team and others to matters requiring urgent attention either via homepage notice, email or SMS.

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