Appleyard Lees

Appleyard Lees is a long-established intellectual property firm, with a multidisciplinary team of patent and trade mark attorneys. From a network of offices, the firm provide Intellectual Property (IP) services to the whole of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. They are committed to delivering the highest service levels at the right cost.

The team at Target have worked with Appleyard Lees to deliver a new system to ultimately manage staff, visitors and contractors that are signing on and off site; to gain overall visibility on their various offices and sites. With hundreds of internal and external employees working over six sites, the organisation needed something in place to provide structure and a standard process to improve the ad hoc site control they were previously carrying out. To ensure compliance and security, Appleyard Lees needed a more efficient and effective process to reduce any health and safety risks while visitors and contractors were on site.

Target delivered their Verature Visitor Management System to help the firm organise, control and secure access to multiple premises around the UK.

The Verature system at Appleyard Lees is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring access to sites, by managing visitors and contractors by authorisation profiles and recording and reporting access.

The Kiosk functionality within the Verature Visitor Management System enables the staff, visitors and contractors sign on and off site simply and easily, using QR codes. While the online Fire Register continuously keeps track of the multiple staff over the six sites simultaneously, effectively helping the organisation be ready for any situation.

With further development to Target’s Verature system, Appleyard Lees are now able to track Lone Worker situations, with a full escalation process. The Verature System is enabling Lone Workers to log out remotely and if they have not signed off site, a text and email will be issued to an emergency contact to escalate a healthy and safety check on the Worker.

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