Why do people precede a project with consultancy?


Consultancy ensures that problems and needs causing the requirements are correctly articulated and exposed.

The consultative process takes into account the companies infrastructure, everyday operations, any limitations, staff skills etc and recommends solutions in accordance with these factors. This reduces risk of the project failing when launched.


Why do people precede a project with consultancy?


How do you know what to ask for (or tender out) when you do not know what is possible?

The consultancy process is combined with digital leadership so once we understand the problem or need, we are well placed to recommend solutions that you may not have realised possible.

Why do people precede a project with consultancy?

Problem Solving:

Through consultancy we can help understand and recommend the solution to organisational problems. The problem might be that your current software doesn’t meet a particular need, that staff do not like to use it or you want to save more time/money.

The problem is often organisational and personalised and therefore the recommended solution needs to be specific to solving these particular problems. This might involve software features, or softer factors such as change management.


We understand that investing into a new system for your business takes a large amount of research, idea gathering and commitment. Let us help you with your idea, your plan and your budget.

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Do you have a goal or organisational improvement you think can be achieved digitally?

This could be for any element of your organisation, so could include goals such as better time management or improving employee safety for offsite visits.

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Leadership Team

Phil Atkinson

Managing Director

Phil is our main man. Phil has been working in software development using Internet Technologies since 1998. Phil works closely with clients and starts problem-solving at the end. “What is the dream outcome?” With years of experience and a team of digital ninja’s around him, he consults clients on “how” they might achieve it.

Clients are often amazed at the realms of the possible in the ever-advancing digital world. Many companies have already and one company, through using systems Daryl and Phil delivered, saved over £1,000,000 in the first year of usage.

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Our Whole Team

We’re here to help, through every step.

We are motivated to creating lasting partnerships and ensure your experience is a personalised one. We pride ourselves on personalising our software and services to tailor your business, so we get it right the first time, and on time.

Target’s clients are diverse. We empower businesses with various systems. The Team can master the complex projects that have the potential to create a lot of value for our clients.

We understand software is big investment, that’s why we’re here to make that process simple. We’ll help you mitigate risk, gain the control and visibility you desire and get the maximum value for your budget.

We can help you move along the journey quickly through providing knowledgeable and experienced resource to enable you to demonstrate improving Control, Visibility and Compliance.

Here are some ballpark figures for Target’s Consultancy Service.

Listen, guide and propose

£950 – £1.5k

One – Two days on site to:


  • Listen to your business challenges
  • Guide you to identify solutions
  • Propose our findings in a document and presentation (this document can be provided in your own branding for sharing with internal stakeholders as you move towards your requirements and priorities)

Ready for digital change? We can show you the art of the possible.