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Content Management Still Remains a Key Technology

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“2015 was a year of big changes in the web content management/web experience industry. Many marketers struggled to get a handle on an ever demanding customer base.”

  • Business 2 Community, (2016). ‘3Areas of Focus for Marketers & Content Managers in 2016′. Online <> Access Date: 01 February 2016

The article published last month examines three trends that they believe marketers and web content managers need to focus on for 2016. The huge amount of changes made in 2015 in the web content management and web experience industry is providing new things to consider and figure out to manage the year ahead.

Changes in the web content management and web experience industry are redesigning internal business departments and the processes that help marketers and employees support customer experience strategies. Content management systems are important for creating and maintaining sales collateral but according to the article the market is evolving too fast to stop and smell the roses.

The article highlights three things they believe marketers and web content manager need to focus on for 2016. Looking at the three statements we believe that businesses should adopt and develop content management systems to manage the upcoming changes in the industry.

Content management systems are core to any marketing role, they store and manage all the businesses marketing content and sales collateral, which often includes external documents as well.

The articles first point is ‘Marketers Need to See the Big Picture’. They believe marketers need to have a clear focus on how the customer experience is working when initiated through their marketing content, as well as how to keep up with the demands of customer support. The main point of this statement is that marketers need a strategy to ensure that every aspect of the customer’s experience with the company is positive and promotes loyalty over the long-term. Content management systems than can also provide Customer Relationship Management functionality can provide marketers with the tools to understand the entire customer journey as well help plan future marketing messages for individuals or groups of customers.

The second point, ‘Finding the Content that Converts’ focuses on the different types of content that is being thrown into marketing mix. It is believed in 2016 marketers will be tasked with providing more interactive digital content as well as the more traditional marketing content, all because of the demands of mobile optimization. The growth in mobile users over the years is astonishing and the behavior of customers in how they use technology to research and purchase has changed too; marketers need to focus on keeping their strategies and content fresh to stay on the same track as their customers. Content management systems that can be configured and developed to keep up with the demands of changing technology and consumer behaviour can support the business direction by being a tool to support the creations and publishing of digital content and to also better support portable content such as whitepapers and ebooks.

The third point, ‘Rise of cloud-based digital workplace’ highlights the upcoming trend of finding new ways of working that can also provide a way to create collaborative content. The article describes that marketers spend a huge amount of time on Office 365; this is where most content is authored and stored, but because digital publishing is on the horizon, marketers need to work differently. Content management systems can provide marketers with new ways of working and provide the tools to easily, create, publish and distribute digital content. Content management systems are not just a simply way to paste and publish content online, the system can be the ultimate starting point for the creation of individual content and collaborative content. A cloud based content management system will enable secure access from multiple contributors to edit and collaborate with content from anywhere at any time, to create original content.

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