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Creating a Home for Digital Assets

digital asset management software

“DAM is the kitchen. It’s where you store, mix and prepare ingredients. Like a modern kitchen with an oven, stovetop and utensils, DAM has specialised tools for handling rich media, metadata, workflows, versions, formats, image rights, governance and more.”

  •, (2016). ‘MarTech Lessons From Your DAM Marketing Dinner Party.’ Online. <> Accessed: 26th May 2016.

The article explains the role of digital asset management and web content management in a form different than your usual business context. Customer experience is imagined as a dinner party and describes digital asset management as the kitchen in where you would store, mix, prepare ingredients/digital assets; and your web content management is seen as the rest of your home, in where the rest of the guests will be entertained, using the contents of what is produced in the kitchen.

The approach to looking at digital asset and web content management is new one to us, but it simply tells us how creating an efficient and effective way of managing digital asset management can make a huge impact on your customer experience and how your content will then continue to appear in the online world.

Digital asset management software will be the home to store and handle rich digital assets, metadata, workflows, versions, formats, image rights, governance and more and help create different experience for users who have or need access to your library of digital assets.

Your library of thousands of high resolution photos, videos or documents will be housed and managed automatically by digital asset management software. The cloud-based system will allow limitless upload and storage space for digital assets, making it central home and repository for multiple and varied users to search, pick and choose what is relevant to them and their marketing campaign – providing they have your permission.

Digital asset management software can provide much more than a place for your digital assets to live, robust systems are enabling valuable insights and transforming the way your business shares online.