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Data Management for More Granular Levels of Insights

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“It may sound simple but the primary reason most organisations fail to derive value from big data is that the right people cannot see and interact with it in one place.”

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The post identifies that businesses are struggling to get value from their data and poses the question of ‘how can we put the data created by data scientists in front of business leaders in a way that enables them to derive actionable business insights?‘ It continues to understand and determine if there needs to be a change in software to handle data management or changes in available dashboards for a better view on data to gain more value from large business data sets.

The pull quote from this post explains that most organisations fail to derive value from big data because the right people cannot see or interact with it in one place. Data management systems need to be a central platform for the business so everyone has access to store data as well as see other stored data. The ability to manage, store and edit data in one central place with robust data management systems organisations can better collaborate data sets and create and build the required reports and gain valuable insights into the business.

‘We’ve probably all sat in one of those meetings in which we expected to arrive at a clear actionable outcome, only to find that the data we are evaluating prompt more questions than they answer.’

We can agree that meetings around data can provide more questions than answers when the data is not presented correctly and made visually appealing to make sense of all the collated business data, but data management systems can provide a new pair of eyes to actually seeing business data clearly. Data management systems have come a long way from just being a place to store and control multiple kinds and large amounts of data; Data management systems are providing business with better overall visibility and the opportunity to provide individual user experience.

Advances in data management systems can make it possible for users to have the reports they want to see without having to troll through other reports that mean nothing to their department or day to day business decisions. Personalisation and tailor-made data management systems are leading the way for organisations and the right users to dig deeper and deeper into the data under analysis to enable more granular levels of insight.

When it comes to your data there should not be barrier to pulling up various data feeds side-by-side in order to spot significant patterns. Data management systems should have the capability to be customisable and integrate with the multiple types of business data; robust data management systems that act as a single repository for the organisation can combine and view the multiple sources of data from multiple departments and present the required information of right user’s dashboard or interface.

We can all agree that getting the most out of big data relies on being able to see the big picture; this particular post questions if gaining better data insights is a change of software or actual visual presentation but maybe it’s a bit of both – a change of software to an advanced data management system that will manage, control and automate the reports and visual dashboards of information your business wants and needs to see.

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