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Digital Asset Management Software to Boost Your Pro’s

digital asset management software

“Detail-orientated, process-driven, innovative, have a love of efficiency and an understanding for optimising workflows.”

Sales leaders, meet digital asset management. The article explores how certain features and the implementation of digital asset management software can be carried over to a sales team to improve sales content processes.

The article identifies six digital asset management concepts:

  1. Hire for the position
  2. Start with a strategy
  3. Don’t underestimate the importance of meta data
  4. Governance can make or break you
  5. When it comes to creating the best possible workflow, know your user
  6. Do your research before throwing your money at technology
  • ‘If you want to make sure the right digital media assets are being created and then distributed at the right time to the right people, you’ll need someone to oversee the process.’

The article explains there is a science to digital asset management but to build the right solution you need to start by having the right human element. User experience is key to the functionality of any digital asset management software. Taking the qualities of your marketing and sales professional that will handle the digital management, will provide a more personalised and automated digital asset management software to make the day to day tasks simpler. Understanding the behaviour, thoughts and actions of users delivers optimised software to better position established workflows.

  • ‘A content audit is a good place to begin. From there you’ll want to consider what workflows make sense for your organisation.’

Implementing any system in a company comes with risk; it is not just a people and technology investment but a company’s digital property, customer satisfaction and reputation are at stake too. The article suggests rather than diving into a solution straight away, companies – as previously discussed, should consider their users but also carefully review and analyse existing systems, workflows and the assets and content which need to be managed. Starting with a strategy on how you want your digital assets to be managed, organised and distributed will allow your company to achieve 100% adoption of optimising new and more established workflows.

  • ‘More than 30% of workers spend upwards of 5 minutes looking for any single document or file.’

With the explosion and growth of content, it is making it more difficult to find the information we need – that’s where digital asset management software comes in. Digital asset management software is your company’s tool to finding content quick and easy without the hassle of spending minutes and even hours searching through uncategorised files. Digital asset management software and systems aren’t just tools to help you store and share content and company assets, it is your robust organiser so you can find content and information quickly and simply. The software will allow you to add and tag additional metadata; making your content searchable and accessible when you need it most.

  • ‘It makes sense that we would be pro content governance.’

Digital asset management software to manage and organise the content you share with others will help and make an established process of also governing the issues of use around your assets. Having a set of rules, and policies for your company’s digital assets and how and when they’re used will in turn reduce content misuse and user confusion. A system that ensures governance is undertaken with business assets will improve overall efficiency of your organisation.

  • ‘Building the workflow into your user’s existing routine.’

The article already states when starting the adoption of a digital asset management system in your company you need to do some internal research and look at current systems and workflows. As a software company, we believe that systems should be built around the business’ processes and workflows for easier adaptation. Building digital asset management software from the workflow of a user’s routine ensures the considerations of a user’s requirements and the goals of using such software to help with their day to day activities. Like previously stated when bringing in a new system you need to achieve 100% adoption for efficient and effective work practices.

  • ‘Find the right fit for your company.’

The article advises to take the time to examine the market to find the right fit for your business needs. But if you find digital asset management software on the market that can be configured and created bespoke to your business then you have a system that is fit for purpose and made right for your company. Finding the right digital asset management system businesses should also consider flexible and easy usability, as well as compatibility with other systems and readiness for mobile/off site use. Providing our own software to our clients we found that the quality of content analytics and reporting technology is what can sway a business’ decision to move forward. Digital asset management software that helps you gain critical insights and specific reports on your content and assets, and presented to how you want to make sense of data is the key to knowing a system is right for you.

Exploring the implementation of the management, organisation and distribution of digital assets from a central repository and applying it to improving a sales team strategy is a new approach we haven’t come across before. The concept is interesting and examining further we agree that aspects can be carried over into the sales process. Like digital asset management software, streamlining business processes to make your team more efficient and cost effective can lead to a boost in overall strategy and sales performance.

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