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Digital Changes to Help Business Datasets

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“With the big data phenomenon, companies are now sitting on more data about themselves, their customers and the markets in which they play. To make sense of these datasets requires the right software”

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The article explains how over the last couple of years, consulting firms have rapidly been launching new digital consulting divisions. The demand for solutions has given rise to new practices focused on digital transformation, interactive design, customer experience and product innovation. The post continues to describe five market trends which are creating demand for digital consulting.

Interestingly the article identity’s that Visualisation and Analysis as a call for digital solution. Large amounts of data are being collected beneath companies about their business and their customers. The demand coming from the collection of large data is to make sense of it; the article states that to make sense of datasets companies require the right software. Advanced business management systems that can store and manage multiple and large data sets, with also have the ability to quickly visualise data to find trends or patterns can help companies and business managers identify problems or opportunities and make important decisions.

However, the article implies that online systems don’t have the ability to migrate the existing data into real-time analysis. As a software company we find that companies that buy online business management systems are caught out by the out of the box systems that are sold; it needs to be understood that not all companies are the same and each one has individual requirements needed for reports and visual dashboards to make their important business decisions and changes. Business management systems need to be bespoke for companies; configuration of a system should be available to enable businesses to get the most out of their online system and reap the benefits that a tailored made system can provide.

The article continues to look at the trends of; Mobile Audience Growth, Start-up Entrants, Marketing Evolution and Design Appreciation.

Innovative ways of getting the most out of your business and customer data is continually growing for all levels and all parts of various organisations. It is important for businesses to reap the benefits of the products available to make sense of the data which will in turn produce opportunities for improvement and indicate levels of performance, but it’s also important that businesses choose the right software at the start of the digital transformation process – because if it fails down the line, what happens to your data?

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