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Document Control Software For The 5 Critical C’s of Business

document control software

“Document management is such a vital process. When this is streamlined, HR departments can cut costs, reduce time waste and potentially lead to a smoother running business.”

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The article posted last year explains that most human resource departments in organisations are hoarding mountains of paperwork which they need to contend with every day. It continues to identify that unless a document management process is implemented, paper that is not filed and tracked efficiently will lead to serious problems for the organisation as a whole and effect bottom line.

Document control software is vital to help streamline business in every department of the organisation, not just in HR. Implementing a new process of efficiently and effectively managing the thousands of business documents that businesses need to collect and track can help cut costs, reduce time waste and potentially lead to a smoother running of business. The article understands that document control software will enable the five critical areas of document management be addressed for an improved way of business.

  1. Centralisation

Centralising documents will enable any member of staff to easily access documents, wherever they might be. Document control software will be the central platform to upload, collect and store all documentation; eliminating the image of paper file mountains on desks and reducing those wasted man hours of scavenging for slips of paper.

By centralising documents sharing information and key documents is made easier. The most up to date information can be found instantly getting rid of the conversations of “I don’t know where that is.”

  1. Compliance

With more regulations in place about paperwork and privacy especially when preparing for an audit, document control software will help you comply with those new rules and regulations. Keeping track of your important documents with a document management system will keep sensitive documents secure and ensure you have trail of any versions and updates ready for audit. Compliance is critical and will likely only become more so in the years to come, so it is necessary to implement document control software that will aid with the management of documents that could expire and that need to be signed off to approve any changes.

  1. Collaboration

As your new document control software centralises all business documents for simple access, it also opens the door for collaboration. Placing your documents into a system that enables different employers to have access to them whether they are working from home, working in different areas of the building or even working across the globe; users are able add, edit and build documents between individuals to create full operating manuals.

  1. Control

The main reason of pulling all the businesses paper documents into one online system that everyone in the organisation can use is control. Businesses can control; where documents are, who can have access to them, who can view them and who has the permission to edit and change information. Control in document management systems allow organisations to set different levels of protections and restrictions on sharing and editing, as well ensuring that all documents are dealt with efficiently and effectively to prevent accidental loss.

  1. Contain Costs

Implementing document control software can be viewed as an extra cost to business but actually it is great way for an organisation to save money!

As soon as document control software is installed businesses will see the value and return on investment it brings. With functionality to improve time management and cut waste, spend will be reduced. By efficiently and effectively managing important documents it saves on valuable man hours to focus user attention on more demanding tasks. Savings will be made on printing, paper, ink and on those accidental losses that may have caused setbacks previously.

Document control software is an important tool to have in any organisations; it is not only helping save on money and time but it ensuring your business is not falling through the cracks because of misplaced files that are now being requested for compliance for this year’s upcoming audit.