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Document Control Software Is More Than Just Storage Space

document control software

“Organisations today are adopting documents management solutions at a rapid rate to increase productivity and efficiency, differentiate competitively and enhance customer experience.”, (2015). ‘Document Management Will Focus On Analytics’. Online <> Access Date: 15 January 2016.

Advances in IT are delivering products and services to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity in all aspects. The article explains how businesses are become increasing reliant on new technology and that there is high demand for a document control software to enable them to interact with their stakeholders in a simple, reliable, responsive and secure way while also keeping up with the next wave of technology advancement.

The article focuses on how document control software will be advanced to provide digitisation and analytics. “With IT trends like cloud computing, big data and mobility leading to a rise in demand for more refined document management, new age challenges and businesses require new age IT solutions. In the coming years, we will witness trends catching up as organisations will want to synergize effectiveness and efficiency.”

In 2016 document control software is predicted to make new advancements and benefit businesses by delivery multiple services. Long are the days that document control software was a system to only store files on a central and cloud platform; advances in technology are now enabling businesses to get much more out their data and documents they put into their document management systems.

Development to the processes involved to efficiently manage documents are now being optimised through intelligent information capture, to further streamline how documents are stored, managed, shared and reported to ultimately remove time-consuming steps.

Document control software is advancing to provide businesses better workflows and increase worker efficiency. Document management systems are keeping business rolling and providing instant access to a whole scope of information about new business, staff and development changes.

Development in digitisation and analytics will allow the possibilities of version control and team updates. Version control to prove digitisation of documents will bring the functionality of creating compilations and merging opportunities where staff can add, edit, and build documents between other individuals to create full operating documents, that can also be approved by officials through change request notifications and sign off procedures available by the software.

Analytic development in document control software will enable businesses to create update alerts to notify relevant individuals of document and content changes, as well as send out alerts for out of date procedures and documentations that need reviewing and analysing to make informed business decisions to follow compliance procedures and to save on time and on any additional expenditures.

Document control software has certainly changed over the years from merely a way to manage documents online. It appears in the next few years some of the merging development trends will be increasing work-processes and compliance in businesses.

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