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An Easy Way to Prevent Document Pains

document control software

Nine times out of ten, desk clutter is made up of paper products in the form of stray printed documents, piled up folders and sticky notes.

If you are working in a paper-dependant office, your team members will be struggling with communication barriers; even when in close proximity of each other, imposed by outdated or inefficient technology.

Document management software is providing a solution to bring control and drive productivity to cluttered desks and reduce those painful conversations and tasks that arrive when documents are nowhere to be seen.

Document control software will prevent business from these five very common office sayings:

  1. “Your desk is really messy, it’s very distracting and doesn’t create a lean and healthy business mind.”
  2. “I don’t know where that is.”
  3. “Where’s that email?”
  4. “I need to recreate this file to update and add all this additional information.”
  5. “I will have to wait until I’m back in the office to get that document for you.”

Document control software will be your new way to allow every member of staff easy access to the most up to date information they need, when and wherever they need it most.

A system which can store all your documents as well as give you the ability to edit and control versions and updates will provide your business with the ultimate knowledge bank.

Team members will no longer have a cluttered desk of paper files. Document control software will allow team members to store, find and share the thousands of documents organisation have, which eventually become the unmanageable desk clutter.

The shared platform will overcome those communication barriers and keep business rolling with folder structure and document tagging so searching for documents is effortless and easy.

Communicating with your other members of your business through document control software will allow documents to be built between different departments for easy collaboration, as well produce update alerts and change request approvals for those important business documents that need to be renewed to keep you compliant for audit.

Document pains can be a thing of the past when your paper-based office comes to terms that technology is the way forward and implementing document control software will not only clean up the paper trails but help save on time and eventually money.

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