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Empower Your Creators with a CMS

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“In order to produce an increasing amount of fresh, valuable, and original content, you have to empower your contributors to concentrate on the actual content creation”

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The article highlights what to expect in the content management and marketing arena this year. Now that we are 3 months away from a new year, have you adopted some of the trends that surround content management and content marketing?

With any business you need a website that not only looks attractive but is also manageable. It needs to manage your business content as well as your marketing activities. As the article explains interconnected content management systems with content marketing strategies were to have been big on trend this year. Evidently the ability to manage content and marketing allows your business to have the full content cycle of planning, creating, managing, promoting and tracking.

Exploring the trends, content management and content marketing should have been made easy this year if your business was able to adopt a content management system to handle the process. Content management systems provide the ability to share content across pages and across multiple sites. Easily being able to plan, create, manage and share content saves content creators a lot of time, as they don’t have to worry about finding content to share manually across other pages.

“According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Content Marketing Report, 42% of all B2C markets publish new content either daily or multiple times a week.”

A content management system creates a more efficient and cost-effective way of working with content. Implementing a system that can automate content and marketing activities removes time-consuming tasks such as styling of content from the responsibilities of content contributors, so they can focus their time on the actual production of quality and targeted content.

Using content management systems improve production processes for content creators and content marketers. To continue producing fresh, valuable and original content, a content management system will empower your contributors to concentrate on the content creation by providing simple management functions and automated publishing settings so content is ready to go, push out to consumers and be readily available from an up to date single source.

Not only does a content management system enable creators to focus on content creation, a system that will also handle your content marketing will allow your team to deliver targeted and timely content to different segments of your audience. Reporting features will provide greater insight into your consumer to improve decisions around visitor and customer experience and drive your team to gain greater results from their content efforts.

Can you empower your team with a system solution?

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