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How much does it cost?

All our pricing is published on our website.

Gatehouse can be purchased in one of two ways:

  • Pay a one off CapEx Mobilisation Fee for Configuration, Installation and Training with an annual Services Fee for Unlimited Users, Hosting, Security, Maintenance, Support and Data Back-Up.
  • Agree the scope of works with no upfront cost and a fixed monthly fee.

A three-year minimum contract term applies.

Every installation of the system includes corporate branding, field configuration and one-day onsite training.

I'm in the Public Sector, are you on any frameworks?

Yes, Absolutely, we’re on the G-Cloud!

All services in the G-Cloud framework are visible online, and searchable in the Digital Marketplace where supplier showcase their services, allowing customers to evaluate their capabilities. Our Gatehouse: Visitor Management & Contractor Control Software can be found listed in Cloud Software:

Do you provide training?

Yes. With every install, we provide a minimum of one-day onsite training and when you have new employees we provide free training via webinar. Additional training and refresher sessions are available on request.

Can Gatehouse run on both PC and MAC?

Yes. Gatehouse can be run on both PC and MAC. All you need is an internet connection and a device with a modern web browser.

Can Gatehouse be used on a tablet device?

Yes. Gatehouse can be used on any smart phone or internet connected tablet device.

How configurable is Gatehouse?

We understand no business is the same, so our system is never the same. We don’t sell an out-of-the-box product; we configure and personalise Gatehouse tailored to your business.

Gatehouse is a flexible software solution, if you have an induction video or presentation or booklet, we’ll make sure Gatehouse will support and be configured to your way of work.

Can Gatehouse be used across multiple sites?

Yes. Gatehouse can be used across multiple sites and Contractors information is share to all site hosts.

Can Gatehouse support multiple languages?

Yes. Already translated into French, Italian, German and Spanish Gatehouse can support multiple languages, what do you need?

Can Gatehouse enable contractors access to other sites?

Yes. Induct a contractor at Site 1 and then invite to another site and enable them to remotely view any site specific induction content.

Can Gatehouse enable contractors to visit other sites with different induction processes?

Yes. We understand that you may have similar but varying site specific induction material.

Can I check in visitors out of hours?

Yes. Gatehouse can be deployed as a manned or unmanned visitor management system or a mixture of the two.

If you’re planning on using the software with a front of house receptionist during office hours only, we recommend Gatehouse to be used on a touch screen device (using our Kiosk mode) to provide an out of hours check-in facility.

Can I use the system to check in both visitors and contractors?

Yes. The Gatehouse system allows for any visitor type to be check in. Visitor types are always set up based on your requirements. Gatehouse can enable additional control for contractors such as issuing permits to work, and badges. Permissions for users can also be set that only authorised employees can pre-book or check-in a contractor.

Can the contractors photo appear on the visitor badge?

Yes. Your visitor badge is configurable to give your visitors and contractors all the information they need to help keep them safe whilst on-site.

Can the visitor or contractor pass have other information such as site emergency contact details and fire reports?

Yes. Want more site or visit specific content? Print out an additional sheet!

Can I ban companies or contractors from our site(s)?

Yes. Gatehouse will enable you to ban any company or contractor from any site(s). With a clear dashboard, you can have instant visibility of your database of contractors and everything you need to know about them.

If a contractor's insurance or site induction expires, will the software prevent them from entering the site?

Yes. Don’t miss a thing in your business with Gatehouse. The system enables you to alert a colleague or your contractor to compliance expiries. Document expiry warnings will also appear on the contractor’s log-in area.

Can Gatehouse automatically email contractors to notify of insurance expiries?

Yes. The alert and escalations functionality within Gatehouse enables you to automate your alert process and send emails or SMS message to notify your contractors to matter requiring urgent attention.

Can Gatehouse enable contractors to be inducted off-site to save time in our reception?

Yes. Gatehouse enables you to easily distribute pre-qualifying induction videos and questionnaires so they can be remotely viewed and completed off-site prior to the site visit to save time at reception.

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