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Filing Your Documents Intelligently

document control software

If you want to store and process your documents efficiently and effectively, automated document control software is the answer.

We are in a world where we talk about online streaming, view the news on our tablets, have smartphones as well as smart TV’s and looking towards a future of electric cars on the road. As the time rolls on and business grows, you cannot help but also notice how much technology has integrated into our day to day tasks at work.

But are you using technology to control and store your business documents? Or do you still have piles of paper stacked up on desks, cabinets, or even lying in folders on the floor?

As piles of paper grow upon desks, ask yourself, is the information which is stored in the documents truly needed? Or can you easily find that information when required? – Who knows what sensitive information lies buried between the sheets!

Developments in technology is making it possible to simplify the way you manage important documents. At the press of a button your business can have all its documents sorted, with all important information extracted and updated into an efficient and effective document management system, so your document is ready for when you need it.

A document management system does exactly what it says on the label; it manages documents.

Document control software is helping organise, store and even track changes in electronic records; because of how simple and easy it is use and adapt to; a document control system provides no burden of integration with current systems and actually maximises workflow and collaboration.

More than digital filing cabinet, document control software can also act as a workflow management system to keep projects moving forward smoothly. A comprehensive document management system can implement a social intranet, with incorporated document control software, department communication functionality and project scheduling can be found in one easy to use platform to serve multiple departments.

Document management systems are helping businesses find important files easily at a later date. If you have a staff member working off site, a document management system can enable users to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where the location. A central and online system enables each member of staff to access files simultaneously, as well as track any revision, document versions and expiring documents in detail.

Understandably security is high on the agenda, as you are putting all the company’s important documents online and moving to a paperless office, however a locked filing cabinet is not the greatest form of protection either. A document management system includes administrative control options and features to set user permissions that are tailored to the needs and responsibilities of each staff members. Security functions will provide the ability to refine permissions to documents and develop standard permission profiles so that companies can reference when hiring new staff.

The ability of document control software is limitless and its implementation is not just to transform an office to a paper-less process to store documents. The implementation of document control software is to assist adding efficiency and security into the workplace while improving internal operations, customer satisfactions and quick circulation of information of business news.

Want to store and process your documents efficiently and effectively?

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