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Fit For Purpose Accord In Large UK Authority

Contract management system

UK developed contract management system, Accord, has been tailored to create a fit for purpose system for a large authority to improve issues around information and data capture for expenditure and income contracts.

Dorset County Council provides the upper tier of their local government and UK based Software Company, Target are delivering their procurement and purchasing system, Accord, to help tackle previous challenges around the lack of central information and standardized data capture and documentation.

Accord is providing advanced storage and management functionality to allow the Council to have complete visibility and control over the contracts they have in place with suppliers and services. The system is resolving issues around the expenditure and income contracts for the authority and providing them with the opportunity to capture and streamline processes and procedures for the authority.

Leta Chalker, Management and Information Project Manager at Dorset County Council says: “Following a presentation and overview of the system, myself and colleagues within Procurement could immediately see the benefits of Accord and the opportunities it presented for making its functionality fit for purpose for the authority. There was no income system previously being used, so Target met our requirements to address our issues and we now use Accord for Contract Management and the Management of Income sources across the authority.”

Sarah Mitchell, Project Manager at Target says: “Dorset County Council previously had a contract register but faced a number of information and data challenges. To improve these issues, they wanted a central contract management system that could also manage income contracts. It’s been great to work Leta and her team at the Council to develop a new fully functional module into the Accord system. The system now enables them to create data sets for multiple purposes to provide information to the whole authority.”

The system provides procurement and purchasing departments real time data and reporting to flag when a contract is due for renewal together with all the contract details to ensure everything complies with standards to save time, effort and money.

Target’s specialist software is providing business management systems globally to companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and Pret A Manger since 2010. The software company is providing businesses with the tools to be more efficient, effective and lean by developing creative solutions for the data management challenges businesses face.