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Following This Years’ Content Management System Trends

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“The backbone of any blog or website is a strong content management that enables people to write, edit, and publish content quickly and painlessly.”

As the end of the year is drawing closer, we are looking back at this article from last year, and the predictions it proposed for content management system trends for 2015.

The article is based around content management systems for blogs. Blogs are part of anyone or any companies’ online presence and the platform to provide strong content to gain audiences, but the article explains that this year that content management systems were going to be much more than a platform for blogs.

The three content management trends this article predicted for 2015 were:

  1. Content creators will gain more control.
  2. Open-source development will be key.
  3. CMSs will shape content strategy.
  • ‘CMSs have always focused on access and ease of use, but they’re gradually shifting to give users more creative control…The CMSs of the near future will continue to move toward increased accessibility and increased customizability.’

This year we launched the best practice website for the Joint UKBTS Joint Advisory Committee with a new fresh design and entirely new way of managing their online content.

The website is an important function for publishing various publications and providing a communication channel between service providers and users. We worked closely with the committee and gathered their requirements and delivered our content management system that was bespoke to their needs to provide them with more creative control than before.

As a software company we understand software requirements vary from sector to sector and believe that systems should work around how the company wants to work, rather than the company having to adapt to a new system. By delivering creative control with our content management system we are able to provide a full package for managing an entire digital experience. Described in this article we created a CMS that allows content creators full control over what they create and share with their audiences, as well as increased accessibility by enabling multiple user access but with permission controls so departments can concentrate on controlling their content and additional documents.

  • ‘Open-source development to… ultimately created a CMS that will meet a greater set of needs.’

As previously stated we develop to meet business requirements. We agree with the article that development to meet business needs is the key to a highly customizable content management system that will fuel more than just online publishing.

The article describes that a strong content management system enables people to write, edit, and publish content quickly and painlessly. The content management system we provide to our clients’ takes content and transforms it to the way they want it to be seen and communicated to their audiences. We enable this by developing the system so content creators can write, edit, publish and schedule content, as well as upload, manage, store and share additional documents and publications; all to easily and painlessly populate and manage content, as well as send out any e-newsletters and manage e-commerce.

  • ‘CMS provider to offer tools and other resources to help you develop and execute your unique content strategy.’

The article continues to explain the importance of a content management system being more than a tool for publishing content, and that development is a key part to creating the ultimate CMS. The drive on creating and using a robust CMS will provide bigger support tool for content and can aid the development and execution of new and improved content strategies.

Development to incorporate tools to help with strategy is how we design around requirements. We develop systems to make running a business of department more efficient, more cost effective and more straightforward. A content management system that provides the tools to implement unique content strategies will save time on ordinary tasks and empower the drive for stronger content and conversion rates.

The article’s predictions for content management systems in 2015 have evidently come true in the systems we have delivered to our clients this year. It highlights the fact that CMSs are always evolving to meet the demands of wanting more than just a basic and simple online publisher for content, but the growing need to serve overall business development and online communication success.

Want to do more with your content than just publish it?

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