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GDPR It’s a Blessing in Disguise

GDPR Seeing Glasses

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is both a game changer and an opportunity for businesses – It’s a blessing in disguise to finally push an efficient and effective information management system to the top your company’s agenda.

As your business starts to grow, you’ll find it will also evolve with time; that is when new processes, data and systems are brought into play. Therefore, businesses should be embracing the opportunity to gain compliance around data, and implement long-standing policies, processes and systems that will form the foundation of any changes for new regulations.

Under the new legislation, technical and organisational measures must be taken to minimise the processing of personal data. This means from the very start of trying to gain control of data, data protection needs to be engrained in all aspects of the system and process.

Target understand how important data protection is for businesses; no one wants to be caught up in a hacking scandal – All our systems are hosted on secure servers and can only be accessed via a secure login. Our systems enable organisations to ensure there is secure data protection on sensitive customer, contracts and supplier data; efficiently managing data with tools to govern and control with a high degree of automation to remain compliant. Our information management systems restrict access to your database through using defined user permission and will only tell each department what they need to know – if that’s what you want. Target’s systems are completely configurable to change with your company that is why we like to bring together the relevant people, processes and tools from your business, to create a collaborative approach to ensure data control and protection is engrained into each important aspect of the business.

Of course, being compliant is an integral part of every organisation – GDPR wants companies to prove they can manage data ethically and sensitively. Not only does data need to be securely protected but the new regulations want each business to be able to confidently show their investment into the fundamentals of privacy. This could be as easy as a box ticking exercise, but that process needs to be established and continued to be able to build accurate reports.

Target build systems that make processes easier and clearer; and make the everyday running of the business smoother. All our systems enable companies to enhance commitment to company-wide compliance and processes – always configured to how you want to work, our systems will ensure the correct processes are being completed and recorded so your company can easily build and export a report ready for an audit or review.

New General Data Protection Regulations go live in May 2018 and will be impacting how you manage and protect data; but it’s not all doom and gloom as companies start to prepare to meet regulations – it is the perfect opportunity to build a sustainable data protection foundation for businesses and implement a time saving tool for the future.