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It’s Valentines Day! Therefore it is only appropriate for me to bless your eyes with a themed blog post about your business data and assets.

Now light some candles, turn off your office lights and press play on your Michael Bublé album…

As your company grows and relationships blossom you need to take more care of your data; whether they are digital assets, contract and supplier data or training and equipment documents, they need to be handled with care before non-compliances are flagged and it ultimately breaks your heart!

The software industry is offering so many solutions for the common problems and challenges around managing your business data. Organisations are now at the point where they need to know and get data quicker and in a way that is going give them control, visibility, compliance and savings.

So what are the favourite flavours (functions) in the heart shaped chocolate boxes (information management and reporting systems) this year?

Hold me closer (Limitless Data Storage)

Red roses, blue violets, campaign assets, branding images, contract information and supplier documents. It doesn’t matter what kind of asset or business data, it is now easier to hold and secure information electronically right at your fingertips rather than through complex paper workflows and aged systems.

Floating on Cloud Nine (Cloud-Computing)

Keep your assets floating on cloud nine and reduce your costs. Cloud-computing enables off-premises access and reduces the cramming of hard drives. Your team will be in a state of blissful happiness with easy access to unlimited amounts of information and assets when and where ever they might be.

Love at first sight (Visibility)

Seeing important information should be easy. An efficient and central data management system allows complete search functionality across the entire database and its supporting assets. A helicopter view over everything in your business is helping you gain clear visibility on the most up to date information and documents.

‘How do you like your eggs in the morning?’ (Reporting)

You need a business management system that can be customised to the way you like it. Reporting functions that are customised to your requirements of analysis can improve the way you handle business. Become more agile and gain complete control over all the information associated with your business needs to in turn reduce overall risk and improve negotiations.

‘I found my treasure in you’ (Savings)

Bronze, Silver, Gold – No, it’s endless amounts of savings which can be delivered through a better and more powerful information management and reporting system.

A simple hello could lead into a million special things.

You need stay on top your intellectual property. Introducing an information management and reporting system will create workflows to streamline your business processes. It will also create efficiencies and ensure the use of business-wide standards that will guide your team through recognised and a company approved processes, to ensure common tasks are completed thoroughly and properly.

Here at Target we love data and we feel you need to love your data too. Why? Because the opportunities from understanding and correctly managing your data is limitless.

Do you feel the love for a business management system? Take a look at how we are currently helping our clients Or send some love our way and get in touch for more information:

Hoping you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!