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Goodbye Basic Cloud Storage. Hello DAM Platforms!

When was the last time that you needed to show one of your clients or a member of your team a digital asset and you floundered through your shared drive? Or had to provide an image for a deadline only to find it was saving on someone else’s desktop? Or that it wasn’t the asset that you really wanted.

This year digital asset management (DAM) platforms are one of the hottest concepts and most in-demand services. Digital asset management software is your highly sophisticated cloud storage, enabling you stay on top of all the intellectual property and information associated with each file.

With the rise of technology it is going to be the year we say goodbye to basic cloud and local server storage and hello to automated information management and digital asset management platforms.

In marketing you have a need for speed, especially when managing digital marketing content across multiple environments…so you will be looking for a better, faster and more intuitive solution that will disseminate assets and digital information painlessly and socially.

But DAM is not just a system that works as a storage, digital asset management software creates efficient processes and workflows around managing digital assets; the software enables marketers and PR managers to manage the whole life-cycle of digital files.

Workflows created and maintained with your digital asset management software streamlines your business processes; it ensures the use of business-wide standards to guide users through approved company processes to maintain efficiency with common tasks so they are completed to the highest quality.

Digital asset management is a secure method to store and distribute product assets which means that you’ll have control and potentially gain more coverage by better servicing Press and Trade Users.

There is growing demand for a systems that find requested files through intelligent search functions.

Intuitive digital asset management software enables you to locate files using keywords and metadata rather than generic title searches. Intelligent search functions as well as efficient management controls allows files to be sorted by usage rights, categories and versions; to run a creative and controlled approval processes to share those files.

Digital asset management systems have truly taken off in the past couple of years, they have grown from merely storing and cataloging data and assets. Now the systems are able to integrate with transaction business intelligence and analytic tools to provide richer information and identify and interpret actionable information. Analytic tools are paramount for a company that wants to craft a business strategy for future marketing launches.

DAM is an extremely critical element of businesses that deals with lots of content – Take a look at what our clients say and see how our business management systems have become there pivotal platform for efficient and effective success.