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The health and safety of members of staff is top priority of any business. As a manager you need to make your place of work a safe haven and reduce the potential risk of injuries. Evidently most business will have health and safety policies to cover most risks, and provide equipment and operational training, personal protective equipment and manuals to help manage the likeliness of those health and safety risks.

What a lot of businesses tend to struggle with is the documentation around health and safety. If you have a large quantity of equipment and a large operating team, you soon gather large quantities of documents that run alongside daily operation. From manuals and training booklets to compliance certificates and HR documents; organisations need a better way to manage such important data other than in a storage filing cabinet.

The trend of ‘go paper-less’ is becoming popular, meaning many businesses are reverting to online document control software. Document control software is exactly what it says on the tin; it is a secure online filing system that will preserve all your business documents. It not only helps manage the unmanageable and save you time, but it also enhances your business compliance.

Document control software is an effortless storage bank that manages all documents securely, while tagging functionality enables users to easily find the documents they need quickly. At best, a document management system is a business ‘knowledge bank’ – allowing staff to access the most up to date information they need.

Updating you documents so they are readily available can be made simple with thorough version control management. Some document control software can allow compilation and merging functions between users to create full operating systems as well as notifying staff with update alerts to relevant documents and content changes. Alerts can also be set to notify the expiry of out of date procedures and documentations to ensure businesses are always compliant and up to date with their business maintenance.

With technology like documents control software on the market, you can always be assured you have a happy and sorted health and safety process.

Document control software: effortless business storage bank.

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By Olivia Davies