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digital asset management software

As the holiday season has been in full swing since Halloween and Thanksgiving ended, I’m sure marketing and sales departments have been collecting and preparing images, videos, documents and presentations for multiple campaigns running this month, but also ready to be put live when Sale and New Year festivities happen.

But how are you currently managing your multiple digital assets? More importantly, are you making sure they are secure and being used appropriately, at the right time and in the right market space?

Digital Asset Management is important and something you should be doing. Some marketers think this is mainly for large companies but digital asset management is equally important for small companies and start-ups because in the long run you are able to make optimal use of your valuable assets.

When it comes to your marketing campaigns, many man hours and money is used to gather creative digital assets for each project over several days or even weeks over the year and unfortunately, it is all too common that all the hard work is wasted through inappropriate use or no use at all.

Understandably this time of the year is planned in advanced because great visuals, and creative digital assets, such as images, video clips and engaging POS are the key to projecting a good brand image, so it is important to be in control of every digital asset.

Digital asset management software is helping companies to finally have control over their large amounts of digital assets so they no longer lose track of what they have, where it is located and under what circumstance it can be used under to ensure compliance is maintained.

Digital asset management software is enabling digital assets to be stored and managed securely, reducing asset creation costs and compliance risk while increasing efficiency and productivity. Campaigns can be delivered simpler, quicker and on time without a hitch, due to functionality that will help establish best practice, and ensure an approval and permission process is carried out to improve compliance.

With marketing approaches changing as new social media platforms emerge, campaigns are becoming more personalised and asset creation is multiplying to ten times more to support different channels. Digital asset management software will help manage the multiple assets and campaigns by providing better insight into their digital asset through metadata, tagging and reporting features.

Want more control of your marketing campaigns?

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