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How Productive is Document Control Software to Not Use Paper?

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“A majority said errors are less likely on paper than in the digital form. In total, 83 percent believe ‘paperless office is unrealistic’.”

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The article explains that a paperless office is not moving forward in many offices because research has found that employees still believe they are more productive with the old fashioned pen and paper. Research has found that people find that errors are less likely made on paper than in a digital form, with that being said believe a paperless office is unrealistic.

As a software company we create software solutions for the businesses challenges companies face and understand the management of paper documents does become an issue in large organisations. The lack of management over paper documents, creates the scene of multiple filing cabinets as well as multiple copies of the same documents, with no indication which would be the latest version with the most up to date information for keep within compliance.

The article states that 86% of UK workers said that banning paper would limit their productivity. This statement can be true to a sense but only because it is all too often companies will adopt document control software that doesn’t take into account user experience and actually only slow employees down when they are trying to figure out how to use the new system. More over some companies just migrate their existing paper filling systems into a digital form but still lack the efficiency process and continue to suffer the same drags of productivity.

Staying with the same paper processes has its downsides and drags the productivity of other day to day tasks. Valuable working man hours are wasted when employees have to walk to other offices to ask other members of staff for documents, as well as the tasks of printing, photocopying, sending and filing eventually takes up large amounts of the working life.

Document control software has a huge impact on productivity as it can help improve efficiencies, optimise business process and ensure compliance in the business and ultimately reduce costs. Having digital copies of documents on central and shared system can allow employees to work collaboratively so they have the most up to date information right at their fingertips, so there will be no more chasing for important data. Document control software will provide the platform to establish best practice in relevance to storing documents and managing them; such as reviewing documents for renewal or updates to ensure the business remains compliant. The ability to store and manage documents efficiently in a system will allow users to easily gain access to what they need as well as build security settings for confidential information and notifications to alert others to changes so everyone is in the know.

Believers of a paperless office being unrealistic are aware of the productivity gains that can be made by migrating to an electronic format like document control software, but the challenge is that for some it is a scary change to cut their dependency on legacy paper-based processes. Moving to document control software should be a smooth process providing the business chooses the right services.

Developments in technology are providing innovative solutions for businesses to be more efficient and manage data; as the growth of the cloud and the increasing use of mobile devices rises a paperless office is fast approaching to be a reality despite the protests of those who favour the old fashioned way.

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