Your businesses digital assets are the key tools to build your visual storytelling and in many cases it’s not just one image that plays the role of illustrator. When it comes to your businesses marketing campaigns, multiple assets are collected for release, they are stored away in files on shared drives never to be touched or seen again to share with others, because of the number one common problem – You can’t remember where you saved it.

One of the biggest pain points for businesses is the efficiencies around finding and distributing assets to multiple locations, as most still rely solely on emails for delivering digital assets to others.

Data security has been hitting the top of agendas due to last year’s multiple hacks; by having images spread across your organisation on various shared hard drives it increases the chances of you being exposed.

While it is still seen as easier to simply save to a folder and distribute through attachment emails and USB trades, there is a growing number of businesses looking to implement or replace digital asset management software in the next 6 – 12 months.

Digital asset management software plays a critical role towards the security and the protection of imagery and branded assets. As a tool to proactively manage digital assets, digital asset management software can help businesses improve analytics and compliance and rights management by providing a better approval process.

So to make your digital assets last you need to have an effective and efficient way to manage how you store and distribute those assets. Digital asset management software can provide the tools to organise assets easily, by giving you the ultimate control on:

  • Where your assets are stored to create a product catalogue for easy browsing
  • How they are to be found against valuable meta data for direct search results
  • Providing security around the way they are distributed with permission and release date control
  • Providing download reports so your business can understand what assets are popular and how they are being used.

Digital asset management software is the perfect solution for any organisation not only needing to host but share large quantities of digital assets, with adaptable distribution functions.

Looking for a way to manage your library of assets?