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“Keeping track of every commercial asset at each stage in its life cycle, while maintaining compliance across all channels, is becoming increasingly difficult… In particular, these channels demand a continuous flow of communications, resulting in an explosion of digital multi-channel marketing.”

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The article explains how new digital channels are changing the way the public engages with the online world and how with that, new data, new content and new digital demands are being tested by existing digital asset management platforms.

With demands for a continuous flow of communication in the online and digital world, a business’s marketing campaigns have grown significantly and increased to global levels, requiring digital marketing assets to be shared, distributed and repurposed across international locations, each with a unique regulatory backdrop that may slow approval and time to market.

As businesses are put under pressure to reach global communications scales the biggest challenge is managing the large amount of digital asset efficiently and in compliance to the use of commercial assets. A lack of digital asset management software that can be the central platform for handling the storage, distribution and management of digital assets will stifle collaboration, restrict creativity and limit overall visibility within your marketing departments – internal and external.

The article highlights that some organisations still use paper-based processes, while others rely on email exchanges to manage the various steps and processes to distribute and share digital assets; and actually only a small fraction maintain modern digital asset management software to support the full digital supply chain to management commercial content, reporting better satisfaction with speed to market and compliance capabilities.

Data security was hitting the top of agenda’s this year due to last year’s multiple hacks. Inefficient processes to manage and distribute various digital assets are increasing the chances of organisation becoming exposed to data and commercial breaches.

Efficient and effective digital asset management software plays a critical role towards the security and the protection of imagery and branded assets. As a tool to proactively manage digital assets, digital asset management software can help businesses improve analytics and compliance and rights management by providing a better approval process as they grow into larger distribution and campaign scales.

Digital asset management software is the perfect solution for any organisation not only needing to host but share large quantities of digital assets. A central platform that will record every departments ‘touchpoints’ on a digital asset, at any stage in its lifecycle will improve communications, ensure compliance for audit and help the roll out time to market. It is important to integrate all departments into the digital asset management workflows from the onset. These departments include core marketers, commercial managers and legal teams, so it is important to ensure the digital asset management software can meet all the requirements needed for each department to carry out their part of the digital asset management process.

Digital asset management software enables digital assets to be stored and managed securely, reduce asset creation costs and compliance risk while increasing efficiency and productivity. Campaigns can be delivered simpler, quicker and on time without a hitch, due to functionality that will help establish best practice between departments, and ensure an approval and permission process is carried out to improve compliance.

How are Target bringing innovation to the world of DAM systems?

Not only is our Digital Asset Management Software helping with the storage of files, but it is putting our clients in control of their distribution process. Digital asset management is creating workflows and streamlining business processes; our intelligent software provides Marketing and PR departments the control to set permissions against asset distribution and gain more coverage by improving service with Press and Trade users.

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