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Integrated Tools for Strong Online Content Collaboration

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“Collaboration done right means everyone is focused on the same goals, executing their own pieces, openly sharing what they’re working on so that each member of the team can leverage on another’s efforts.”

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The article shares the experiences of a marketing team and how building a solid marketing foundation and strategies for conversions are leading them to implementing the tools to improve and create collaborative content.

The post shares four tools that can be used to help a marketing team to work better together to drive contributions to the sales pipeline:

  1. Project Management Software
  2. Marketing Content Repository
  3. Marketing Analytics Dashboard
  4. Templates for Everything

‘You don’t have to ask your teammate for the details and logistics. You know exactly where to go to find the info you need without interrupting anyone to get it’

The four tools could be addressed by a content management system that will act as a central platform for all marketing contributors. Integrated with all the additional tools to help drive and support marketing teams to create, edit, publish and distribute content will build and establish a strong content plan to turn around engagements and sales.

Content management systems can seem daunting to implement, but once it is configured and populated with what a marketing team needs to continue, projects and campaigns will be delivered seamlessly. A system tailored to how businesses want their marketing team to work will make documenting details and activities simpler and help working collaboratively as well as independently easier, as it becomes your project management software.

With multiple contributors creating and using content, it is important that all marketing and sales content is accessible to everyone on the team. As your central tool for content contributors, a content management system will become your marketing content repository, helping your marketing team, easily store content, from images, audio, video, documents, presentations and PDF’s.

While your content management system acts as a central repository, multiple members of marketing and even your sales team will easily be able to search and have access to current and relevant content instantly – no more exchanging multiple emails for document requests, a content management system will store everything and anything you want so you can locate it yourself.

‘Some of the most useful marketing reports with website data are from Google Analytics, engagement metrics from marketing automation, and performance data from demand generation programs.’

Marketing analytics are valuable to marketing and sales teams; results reported from campaigns and strategies will help make informed decisions on what are and aren’t the best practices to take. The article explains how customised dashboards were created for their marketing team and for executive stakeholders; a content management system will be able to pull and gather information from all your integrated tools for managing marketing content and activities, and create a report relevant to specific users so members can see on their dashboard the most effective messages, most downloaded asset and who has that asset. A content management system with reporting functionality will collate the data to help teams identify what is working to build collaborative strategies to improve what needs to be optimised.

While you need the correct tools and platform to create collaborative content there is also the need for templates. Templates have become a fundamental tool for a collaborative marketing organisation; templates make the task of cloning content easier for new marketing projects and campaigns, so effective strategies can continue to work even in a new campaign.

Content management systems can store and provide the templates you need and know are effective. Storing templates with reduce the manual hours of having to replicate steps that have already been done before and ensure everyone is working on the same page/layout/style so important details are not overlooked.

Creating strong online collaborative content doesn’t need to be hard; using the right tools to create collaborative marketing strategies will open up new ways of operating, however a content management system which has all the tools integrated in one central place will create greater opportunities to not only collaborate more efficiently and effective but help understand what part of your marketing is making an impact on your audience.

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