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The Internet Has Changed & So Should Your CMS

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“Businesses want – and need – agile content solutions that enable delivery of relevant content where the customer is, regardless of channel or device, exactly when they need it.”

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The article highlights that in our new digital age, audiences connect and engage with content on multiple devices, channels and venues. Changes to the internet have caused audience expectations to grow so the article explore the question ‘If the internet has changed, shouldn’t web CMS change as well?’

It is important for content management systems to change alongside the changes of the internet, otherwise businesses will be losing their audience amongst all the noise in the online world. The article explains the three waves of digital content management and reveals that the third wave of content management is an evolution in how to create and distribute content to key audiences; from presentation and interaction, to smarter content that adapts to each customer.

Content management systems need to continuously evolve to customer behaviours, if your content management system can’t serve your content to your audience correctly you will not be having much luck in getting your brand, product, services or information found in the online world.

The article looks back at the first and second wave of developments that has changed content management system and continues to explain the third wave of content management and how the customer demand for great web experiences and digital experiences has evolved from a combination of new technology, the cloud and social creations.

“Business want – and need – agile content solutions that enable delivery of relevant content where the customer is, regardless of channel or device, exactly when they need it. Organisation must shift from delivering basic personalisation delivery relevant contextual experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.”

Technology has revolutionised businesses and how they interact with their customers and a content management system is the best platform to start your online communication to audiences. However, with large demands for quality online experiences, businesses need to make sure their content management platform can not only publish and present content to audiences correctly, but add value back into the business and provide greater insights into customer behaviours.

Content management systems need to be upgraded or changed to systems that enable collaborative content creation, governance and orchestration. Sales and marketing departments will have the ability to collaborate on content to produce fresh and up to date content while making sure relevant content is reaching the audiences on the correct channel and gaining insights to improve and create new customer engagement strategies.

When you look over the past years of the online and digital activity on a scale and how it has changed industries and how they operate, sell and remain active it is obvious your businesses content management system needs to be continuously developed to keep up with the new and the demands of your audiences’ online experience. Business should have a CMS that enables them to deliver engaging web experiences, but also support a more open, rapid and lightweight model so you can create smarter content to feed all your channels and audiences.

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