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It’s All About Preparing A File To Be Found At A Later Date

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“According to an article by Que Publishing, 50-75% of office space is dedicated to filing and document storage, and 45% of the documents stored contain duplicate information, and 80% are never accessed after it is filed”

OnWindows, (2015). ‘Putting a price tag on your paper with improved document management’. Online <>. Accessed 23 September 2015

The article provides some unbelievable facts and figures about the impact of paper; it explores office production, efficiency and most importantly the cost of accumulating paper files.

The rise of technology is certainly changing how we go about our day to day and one of the common outcomes with technology is reducing the amount of paper we are using. More and more organisations are transitioning to a paperless office and businesses are turning to document control software to manage all their digital documents. Document control software is helping organise, store and even track changes in electronic records; because of how simple and easy it is use and adapt to, a document control system provides no burden of integration with current systems and actually maximises workflow and collaboration.

Typical four-drawer filing cabinets are common in the office space, and odds are companies have more than one filing cabinet. Factoring in your businesses projected growth, you’ll find you may end up with more paper and more filing cabinets so organisations are now looking towards document control software to get a head start to handle future document and paper challenges.

The article states “executives spend 150 hours per year looking for misplaced documents;” not getting control of your documents can results in hundreds of millions of unstructured files, making it practically impossible to locate specific data, even when using traditional filenames or creation date information when storing documents on computers.

A document control software will be a company’s comprehensive solution for the storing of digital assets. Retrieving data and documents from archives is made simple with indexing to add to file metadata. Documents control software provides tagging and categorising functions for fast retrieval through an easy to use search engine preserving staff time and increasing productivity.

“The cost savings for your business are substantial, especially when factoring in the gains in efficiency as well as the reallocation of the time previously spent by employees doing tedious manual data entry, searching for lost documents and scanning or copying paperwork.”

Adopting document control software into your organisation is far more than a digital filing cabinet, the software can also act as a workflow management system to keep projects moving forward smoothly. A comprehensive document management system can implement a social intranet, with incorporated document control software, department communication functionality and project scheduling in one easy to use platform to serve multiple departments.

Document control software is all about preparing a file to be found easily at a later date. If you have staff working off site, a document management system can enable users to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where the location. A central and online document control software enables each member of staff access to files simultaneously, as well track any revisions or document versions in detail.

Understandably security is high on the agenda putting all the company’s important documents online and moving to a paperless office, however an easy to access filing cabinet is not the greatest form on protection either. Document control software includes administrative control options and features to set user permissions that are tailored to the needs and responsibilities of each staff members. Security functions will provide the ability to refine permissions to documents and develop standard permission profiles so that companies can reference when hiring new staff.

The article provides a list of questions to help businesses start identifying the costs associated with current paper-based processes to see the potential document control software can provide in regards to savings not only money but time. Here at Target, we are experts in data and we are believers in systems that can provide organisations with control, compliance and savings so in addition we advise choosing a platform with sufficient scalability for your business, so that software can adapt to company growth.

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