There's an Accord system for everyone.

The Accord contract management system is your most secure personalised platform for business.

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Accord is all about gaining Control, Visibility, Compliance and Savings.

The most advanced contract management system available in the UK.

We know keeping on top of contracts, managing suppliers and making sure everything complies with standards can be hard work. That’s why we created Accord.

Accord enables entirely news way to stay in touch and a smarter way to look at data; the contract management system is a modern twist on a traditional process. Providing you with all the functionality to collate, forge relationships and manage all the contracts you have in place with both your supplier and your customers, Accord can be a true component to your business, it be more than contract management tool for your procurement team.

Accord’s capabilities don’t just stop at contracts management; by working closely with our existing clients we’ve made it possible to gain more insights into your data than ever before. We can quantify, measure and track every interaction, transaction and engagement in excruciating detail with our additional modules that integrate and fit perfectly into the base system.

Take a look at our additional modules below…


Contracts Information Manager & Reporting System

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