There's an Accord system for everyone.

The Accord contract management system is your most secure personalised platform for business.

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Accord Contracts Manager

Accord is all about gaining Control, Visibility, Compliance and Savings.

A secure personalised platform for business, the Accord Contracts Manager gives you a complete picture of your purchasing activities. A register of contracts and contracts manager that delivers real value through improved visibility, reporting, alerts, escalations and true collaborative working.

Transforming the way you work to the simple; Accord is providing a smarter way to look at your contract data and new ways of handling and interacting with your contracts and supply chain. The system allows you to do the familiar work tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Available right at your fingertips, a register of contracts with additional notes and a supplier database to manage the contracts that you have in place. Gain control, visibility and compliance through improved information management and reporting; the system keeps you in touch with alerts and notifications on a clear and incredibly organised homepage display making numbers and text easy to read at a glance.

Configured to the way you want to see information, Accord Contracts Manager can improve your decision making and negotiation times by providing information management at its best and giving you real-time, automated reporting functions for the reports that mean the most to you.

The contract management system is providing full visibility into supplier agreements, empowering teams to increase contract efficiency, visibility and performance while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract life cycle.


Contracts Information Manager & Reporting System

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