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Accord Project Tracker

Track and record every stage of your Projects, from Initiation to End of Life.

The success of our newly developed OJEU Tender Tracking tool has opened doors to now provide organisations with an extensive tool to deliver full compliance for businesses wanting to track, record and trace Projects at every stage of their development and completion process.

With more and more compliance requirements being placed on organisations, Accord offers an instant level of control and visibility that simply isn’t available in other systems. Accord Project Tracker is an information management and reporting module that fits neatly into the Accord family of additional modules; delivering businesses with a fully comprehensive Register of Contracts and Contract Management database.

Create a collaborate working environment for all departments involved in your project’s developments and completion process. Help departments stay on track and update them on each project so you can remain compliant for your next audit. Upload relevant documents to each stage and keep track on your performance and labour hours with automated project metrics.

Functionality taken from working closely with the procurement team at National University of Ireland, Galway, for their fully compliant OJEU Tender Tracker, has helped develop the Accord Project Tracker to help you stay in control and have full visibility of your projects lifecycle. Displayed on you users own dashboard with a clear view on overall progress of each stage, from: Initiation, Requirements and Advertisement, to Evaluation, Contract Award, Implementation and Close Off.

To help stay on track and ensure business productivity is keeping to the standard and quality your organisation has set. Project Tracker can collect and provide a detailed set of reporting on Project Metrics and track, e.g.:

  • Number of days take to perform a project process.
  • Number of days to complete tasks.
  • Number of days taken for evaluation and sign off.

Using our software provides you with the confidence that your contracts are being managed in the most efficient, cost-effective and compliant way. Accord is proving to save our clients a great deal of time and money.

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