There's an Accord system for everyone.

The Accord contract management system is your most secure personalised platform for business.

Accord Rebates Manager

Manage and create clear insights into your rebate revenue streams.

Accord is capable of managing any type of contract that your organisation has in place. Whether that’s with a Supplier, Provider, Contractor or Customer; Accord has it sorted. Now with the Accord Rebates Manager automate complex rebate calculations to reduce the time spent using manual processes and increase your contract processing speed.

Rebates can take a certain amount of time and effort; figuring out the rules, filling out forms, preparing and dropping off the mailing, cashing in the cheques and keeping track of the paperwork. However, the chances of rebate mailings being lost or failing some criteria can further the expected return of this effort.

Our Rebates Manager is helping remove the time consuming and the tedious; and simplifying your rebates process to support your organisation at multiple levels by providing clear audit trail of rebate accruals to support accounting compliance.

The additional functionality is providing true visibility with forecasting and profitability modelling, without visibility there’s no way to accurately predict revenue from them or to leverage them in order to make informed procurement decisions.

Get visibility into rebate revenue streams and make smarter, more informed decisions to leverage available programs with…

  • A Rebates Dashboard
  • Easy searching ability for rebates
  • Alerts on overdue rebates
  • Notifications to upcoming rebates
  • Overview of recently paid rebates

Gain control of your rebates process and have full visibility of current and future business opportunities; while reducing the amount of time and effort spent on manual authorising and creating more time to leverage programs and make more informed decisions.

A straightforward and affordable Rebates Manager, that fits neatly into the Accord Contract Manage, providing a very robust platform to handle all your business operations data and an infinite capacity to grow seamlessly.

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