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Accord Supplier KPI’s

Record, Review and Rate. Manage KPI’s to drive supplier performance, initiative and improvement.

Accord is capable of managing any type of contract that your organisation has in place. Whether that’s with a supplier, provider, contractor or customer; Accord has it sorted. More than that, the development of Accord’s supplier performance management module is helping you go further with managing your supply chain data and allowing you to have an instant view of your supply chain so you can identify any risk, cost savings, innovation opportunities and successes, value for money initiatives and customer satisfaction.

Procurement departments should discuss KPI’s with other stakeholders and, where possible, involve suppliers too. This engagement could make the difference between success and failure. Whether you are wanting to manage, quantitative, qualitative, or cultural data, Accord Supplier KPI’s will help you manage all the associated data to create clear insights so you can understand your supply chain.

Accord’s supplier performance management module is reducing the potential for human error and providing a simple and easy to understand platform for you to manage and measure the data against your supply chain so you can make more informed decisions to reduce risk and make savings.

The integrated scorecard will create summaries of your KPI’s and measure them against suppliers so you can review a supplier’s past and current performance. Creating and managing supplier KPI’s more efficiently and effectively, Procurement departments will be able to work collaboratively with suppliers and develop the best approach for success, knowing they have used concrete data instead of intuition and instinct.

Keep on top of your Supply Chain performance with…

  1. Regular, Scheduled Reviews
  2. Flexible and adaptable Scorecards/KPIs
  3. Completed Internally by Contract Stakeholder
  4. Completed by Suppliers for Self Performance Evaluation
  5. Control, Visibility and Clear Monitoring

Accord Supplier KPI’s provides a common ground and common language for suppliers and stakeholders to achieve a collaborative working environment so both can focus on generating quality services and enhance productivity.

A straightforward and affordable Accord Supplier KPI’s, fits neatly into the Accord Contract Manager; providing a very robust platform to handle all your businesses operations data and an infinite capacity to grow seamlessly.

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