There's an Accord system for everyone.

The Accord contract management system is your most secure personalised platform for business.

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Maintain and manage compliance by collaboratively working with your suppliers.

Accord is capable of managing any type of contract that your organisation has in place. Whether that’s with a Supplier, Provider, Contractor or Customer; Accord has it sorted. More than that, Accord Supplier Portal has been developed to help you go further with your supplier relationship management and create a collaborative working environment for your users and their external vendors.

Accord, originally created in 2010 for a compliance project around contracts management in a large manufacturing site, has been extended heavily to pick up lots of additional information management & reporting.

The Accord Supplier Portal is reducing the time required to process information and manage suppliers; saving time and money and freeing up resources to focus on improving service quality.

The additional module is taking supplier relationship management further and driving supply chain performance by helping your business with your supplier onboarding process; recording and managing contracts and supplier information, audit results, performance ratings, NCR’s, CAR’s, certifications and more.

Ensure suppliers are in compliance by providing suppliers a secure access to your Accord system so they can…

  • See all the contracts they have in place with you.
  • Manage their own insurance and compliance.
  • Be easily notified of non-conformances.
  • Address any non-conformances to improve KPI’s.
  • Complete online questionnaires.
  • Work more closely with procurement and purchasing departments.

Enabling suppliers their own login to the system will help reduce the time required to process information and manage suppliers; saving valuable man hours to put more focus on generating quality services and enhancing efficiency across the supply chain.

A straightforward and affordable Supplier Portal, that fits neatly into the Accord Contract Manager; providing a very robust platform to handle all your businesses operations data and an infinite capacity to grow seamlessly.

Ask for a free tour of the Accord Supplier Portal to find out more.


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