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The Accord contract management system is your most secure personalised platform for business.

Accord Savings Work Planner & Reporter

With the increasing pressure to reduce costs, improve value on services and evidence savings. Accord has it sorted.

Accord is a highly flexible information management and reporting database and it’s been extended by clients, who have already seen benefits from improved control, visibility and compliance, to deliver assistance in collating and evidencing savings.

Businesses are at risk without the process of technology to manage and track their savings and benefits; without the process to measure and track spend there is an ‘overspend lag,’ meaning by the time anyone notices spend is going over budget, it is already too late. The most significant business objective is to reduce spend with third party suppliers, drive down the costs of procurement, manage supply-led risk and harness true innovation from the supply base – and Accord does just that.

To ensure the benefits derived from the procurement process are continuing to secure first class goods and services, Accord has the ability to ensure your costs are contained across the end to end sourcing and procurement process. Generate savings through data automation and automatically pull in all the information you need to track and measure budget and potential savings, with clear visibility and overview on the projects, capital, departments and annual costs to deliver the benefits that are aligned to the business.

The Savings Work Planner and Reporter ensures your organisations keeps on top of spend with:

  • A Monthly Work Plan
  • An Actuals Work Plan
  • A Monthly Projects Summary
  • A Benefits Tracker Work Plan
  • An Actuals Benefits Tracker
  • A Benefits Tracker Project Summary

…All with the ability to show your users what contracts are delivering savings, including visibility on cash releasing and cost avoidance so your team can make informed decisions on saving tasks.

Straightforward and affordable the Saving Work Planner, Reporter and Benefits Tracker fits neatly into the Accord Contract Manager; driving greater procurement effectiveness, improved processes, better visibility, detailed audit and more accurate tracking of savings.

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