Seamless and compliant asset and defect management software.

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Frame Equipment Register

Meet regulations and keep cogs turning on your assets with Frame.

A single centralised solution, providing detailed insights into your assets; Frame is your register of facilities, assets and equipment with a clear and concise equipment manager. Holding full asset registers and upload audits, service schedules and maintenance records and control when your to equipment requires maintenance, inspection or calibration.

The system is flexible to hold any asset type including the meta-data associated with it; A robust back office system helping you deliver full compliance by bringing together all asset information, maintenance history, financial expenditure, health and safety instructions, and other documents into a single resource location to avoid multiple data locations and paper filing systems.

See at a glance defects relating to different assets and tasks. These can be graded by severity to allow your team to focus on the real issues and what needs doing next. Historical data can be viewed to assist in making informed decisions on asset replacement or repair for those repeat defects.

Frame provides you with a dashboard showing upcoming events and overdue items about all your asset types, including:

  • Electrical
  • Asbestos
  • Fixed Vertical Ladders
  • Industrial Doors
  • Legionella
  • LEV Equipment
  • MHE Equipment
  • Pressure Systems

Gain real-time access to detailed asset information to support informed decisions on sustainable maintenance strategies, while streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency of operators to manage tasks.


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