Capturing information, reducing risk, maintaining compliance & evidencing due diligence is a large task to manage. That’s why Gatehouse is equipping you with all the tools.

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Gatehouse Contractor Control

Enforce competency and compliance with your contractors. Manage inductions, accreditation and insurance documents to ensure safety and reduce risk.

The development of Gatehouse Contractor Control is allowing business to dynamically implement their health and safety ‘best practice’ processes by providing them with greater control in the completion and issuing of permits; reducing paperwork and time resources.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure all employees and contractors are aware and comply with current legislation.  To carry out work on site, approval would normally depend on criteria such as site induction, adequate and current insurance, compliance with environmental and health and safety policies; Gatehouse Contractor Control manages all your contractor data and permit to work activity centrally, providing visibility, traceability and a location to capture and retain knowledge.

The Gatehouse contractor control and management solution is reducing administration time and encouraging compliance by allowing contractors to complete the necessary pre-qualification questionnaires and submit their method statements and insurance documents prior to their arrival on site. Ensuring that all contractors have appropriate pre-qualifications completed additionally saves on costs relevant to onsite inductions and allows businesses to build a central location for approved contractors to actively manage work and compliance ready for audit and review using automatic reminders.

Ensure due-diligence, gain a clearer visibility and understand everything you need to know about your contractors across your organisation. Allow the Gatehouse contractor control and management solution to chase, collect and store the necessary and qualifying documents automatically quickly and easily to save you valuable man hours and focus on making more informed decisions on whether to either reject or accept a contractor for work.

Ensure contractors meet your requirements; whether the accreditation is…

  1. Contractors Health & Safety Assessment (CHAS)
  2. Up-to-date Insurance Documents
  3. Training Records & Certificates
  4. Risk Assesments & Method Statements
  5. Pre-qualifying Site Visit Questionnaires

…Gatehouse has it sorted.

Gatehouse Contractor Control delivers an effective health and safety and compliance strategy for your business. Keep on top of your contractors with information management and automate functionality to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes. Improve contractor management controls and audit more effectively by having everything you need to know at your fingertips.

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Reduce Paperwork & Time Resources

Automate Pre-Qualifying Questionnaires

Upload & Store Accreditation Documents

Make More Informed Decisions

Reject or Accept Contractors For Work

Reduce Accidents In The Workplace