Capturing information, reducing risk, maintaining compliance & evidencing due diligence is a large task to manage. That’s why Gatehouse is equipping you with all the tools.

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Gatehouse Visitor & Contractor Control

Introducing a smarter way for the best performance.

Gatehouse gives you a complete picture of your site activities. A visitor access control software that delivers real value through improved visibility, reporting, alerts, escalations and true collaborative working.

The Gatehouse visitor management and contractor control system is your most secure and personalised platform for business. Our visitor access control software is providing you with new ways of handling and interacting with your visitors and contractors that arrive onto your site. The system allows you to do the familiar work tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Communicating and building relationships with contractors, visitors and your internal staff is made more convenient with our visitor and contractor control system. Available right at your fingertips, a database of your visitors and contractors, each with online profiles to see at a glance who is approved and if they have the right documentation to be on site to ensure you remain compliant. The system keeps you in touch with alerts and notifications to make sure nothing gets missed; helping your alert your team to high risk permit holders for an on the spot audit to ensure your keeping to health and safety regulations.

Our visitor access control software is dramatically improving the most important aspects of health and safety in the workplace. Ensuring site inductions and the correct accreditation and insurance documents are being collected and completed more efficiently and effectively prior to accessing the site. Providing information management at its best and giving you a live dashboard of visitors; the system will provide reports that’s mean the most to you. Configured to that way you want to see information about your visitors and contractors our visitor access control software can improve compliance and security while reducing health and safety risks.

The Gatehouse visitor management and contractor control system is making it far easier to ensure your business is remaining compliant and safe when external workers are on site.

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