There’s a Gatehouse┬ásystem for everyone

Manage visitor and contractor access with unprecedented levels of compliance and security.

Gatehouse Pricing

Gatehouse Visitor Management

Authorise, authenticate and secure your business. Manage visitor and site access to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

QESH managers are facing ever increasing health and safety requirements and it has become essential for organisations to provide a secure environment for their workforce and ensure that access to premises is restricted to those who are not authorised to enter.

Gatehouse Visitor Management enables you to organise, control and secure access to your premises; reducing the risk of terrorist attacks while increasing health and safety compliance.

The visitor management system is a secure, convenient, flexible and a cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your site and equipment, to provide your organisation with the security they desire.

Reducing administration time on site, the Gatehouse visitor management system enables visitors to complete site inductions processes prior to them accessing your site for the first time. Their data is then held centrally in an information repository, providing the required accountability and real-time monitoring for valid accreditation.


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