The overwhelming deadlines that loom over us at this time of year remind us here of our school days and those manic rehearsals for the school pantomime or nativity production. Do you remember those days?

We feel for those teachers; trying to control rowdy youngsters that just run riot with tinsel around their heads, while also playing the role of father time so we don’t miss out on our milk and biscuit needs. Now in the procurement world we are trying to control overwhelming data that run riot in insufficient processes that plague our time as we struggle to find every piece of the contracts puzzle.

Here at Target we meet organisations with the same issues looking for a solution; they are looking to manage contracts in a more efficient and effective way which will in return save more time and money. It’s a good thing we are a software company that turn business challenges into system solutions!

We find the common problem with managing contracts is the lack of control with the whole scope of data, that’s why I’m saying with this blog it’s time to let contract management take centre stage. Let the process of purchasing goods and services stand tall in the middle of all your departments with…

Centralised Contract Management Systems!

  • Gain instant visibility on expiring contracts, supplier reviews and termination dates.
  • Arrange automated and both individual and team contract work planners.
  • Maintain a secure repository for documents.
  • Handle all contracts information with better communication throughout all departments.

To find out more about our overwhelming data solutions, check out our contract management system Accord.

  • Our contract management systems are currently being used by NHS Procurement Offices, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and ISS at Heinz UK. Centralising all contracts, dates, documents, suppliers and stakeholders to provide longer lead times to negotiate.

Posted by Olivia Davies