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Managing Contractor and Health & Safety Compliance

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We’ve been asking organisations how they are currently managing their contractor compliance. Reports have shown there is an increase in the culture of cutting corners within organisations, which is exposing workers to serious risks.

Contractor compliance is still one of the biggest health and safety challenges that businesses are facing today. Sometimes you can’t prevent an accident, but you can demonstrate your due diligence and that will save your organisation from facing hefty fines when accidents happen.

We’ve been developing a visitor management and contractor control system that can help manage contractor and health and safety compliance by automating the information that deals with;

  • Contractor On-boarding
  • Health and safety questionnaires
  • Insurances, expiries and renewals
  • Contractor control
  • Visitor and contractor bookings
  • Visitor and contractor inductions and assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statement
  • Tracking of permits to work

By implementing a system with can help manage, record and automate the information you hold for your contractor and health and safety requirements, it will enforce competency and compliance with the contractors you employ and have coming on to your site. Automating gathered information can enable organisation to efficiently and effectively manage inductions, accreditations and insurance documents to ensure safety and reduce risks; before, during and after the contractor arrives on site.

This level of information management and tracking of contractor and health and safety compliance ensures corners are not cut, and health and safety is taken seriously throughout the business.

Take a look at Gatehouse: A Visitor Management and Contractor Compliance system, developed by Target Information Systems.