Adam Rahman Software Developer

Adam Rahman

Adam is our Whiz Kid.

The newest addition to our development team, Adam is providing an extra pair hands during his work placement year here at Target HQ.

Encouraged by his natural skill and first hands on experience at software development at college; Adam has followed his passion of building software applications and is currently studying Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University.

While continuing his studies, Adam’s enjoyment for all things technical led him to apply for his work placement year at Target after being impressed with our varied client list and portfolio of projects. Not only did he make good first impressions, but his software skills were put to the test and showed to be working at a level far beyond what was expected – so it made perfect sense to bring him on board!

Adam’s level of creative skill is not confined to office and university walls. At home – in his ‘Shed House’ that could be part of a ‘Grand Designs’ episode – he is a dabbler of 3D printing and an enthusiastic online gamer; Adam actually created his own community games server that hit records of one hundred and twenty five users on a daily basis! His interest in games has even been passed over to his two bearded dragons, Sonic and Spyro.

Adam interests don’t just lie in software creations, he is an avid car modifier. At weekends you’ll see him making changes and additions to his own car to ultimately create his own high quality performance car so he can be part of the ‘Fast & Furious’.

With his admirable beard and his can do work ethic, Adam is becoming a real valuable asset to the business and technical team. Intelligent and reliable, he is producing a high standard of work and turning projects around in record time; ultimately giving him the title of Whiz Kid in the office.

Taste in music:
Dubstep and only some current chart music.

Weekend antics:
Gaming, Car Modification, Relaxing, Watching rugby, Going out with friends.